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About Us

Encompass Healthcare Ltd (Encompass) provides the full range of general surgical services (outpatient care, gastrointestinal endoscopy and theatre operations) to the NHS in the East of England. Encompass delivers general surgical services at low cost to primary and secondary care providers using the NHS National tariff model of fees. Encompass provides flexible solutions that allow NHS organisations to relieve waiting list pressures, maximise theatre/endoscopy facility productivity and realise NHS innovation initiatives by “scaling-up” from concept to practice.

Encompass Healthcare was formed by a group of consultant general surgeons who are committed to innovation and directly providing high quality healthcare to the population of the East of England via the NHS. Encompass is an independent NHS provider company that only provides services to the NHS and is therefore free to seek the best possible solutions to provide general surgical care to the population of East England.

Encompass Healthcare is a Limited company wholly owned by shareholders who are actively practising consultant surgeons.

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